Monday, 10 August 2009


So that well known diminutive boat rocker, Hazel Blears has returned to her car in sunny Salford after delivering Labour leaflets about what they're doing to reduce crime, to find that her car has had its windscreen severely dunted and all four tyres slashed. The possibility that this has happened because disaffected voters of whatever age have recognised her car and taken the opportunity to protest cannot be discounted. It can't be condoned, of course, but it cannot possibly be ruled out. Unless you're Hazel Blears, that is.
She, in her infinite wisdom, has chosen to blame 'bored teenagers with nothing to do on a hot afternoon'. Even if that were true what does it say about the Labour administration in Salford and the facilities they do (or don't) provide for teenagers?
Worse, the statement itself says a great deal about Ms Blears' respect for teenagers in her constituency (zero) and about her own self denial. Oh, yes, and 'police have appealed for eye witnesses'.... did they, I wonder, appeal for eye witnesses when my daughter's car was broken into recently in Salford - of course not.
All men and women are equal - equally irrelevant - unles you're an MP.

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