Friday, 21 August 2009


And so it begins ..... the condemnation of the release of al-Megrahi; the careful and deliberate emphasis on the BBC National News that this was the work of the Scottish Government - not their government; The pathetic whimpering of the Scottish opposition parties that they wouldn't have done it - oh dearie me no - not us; the righteous indignation from the United States.
Admittedly, it was not in any sense appropriate for Libya to openly celebrate his arrival back in his homeland as they did - but it was surely not surprising that they did, given their continued belief that he was always innocent. As things stand, al-Megrahi remains convicted of the crime of which he was accused, and will not see the day that his innocence is proven - if ever that day arrives.
That all of those affected by the crime may never truly know the truth is a shame, yet Kenny MacAskill is quite right that if there should ever be an arena in which the whole thing is reviewed and all of the evidence brought to light, that should be a higher authority than Scotland - it should be for the United Nations to show some guts, determination and, dare I say it, unity. But what matters for Scotland is that we did the right thing. We showed that as a Nation, we are capable of compassion and mercy; we demonstrated our Christian principles. Kenny MacAskill stood for us all, and held up to the world all that is good about Scotland. Amid the cheap political posturing, we must not forget that.

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