Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Woolas Thinking

What is it with Labour politicians from Manchester way?
First we had Hazel (yes, hello, I'm down here) Blears sounding off about her own leader for putting himself 'on the wrong side of the British sense of fair play' over the Gurkhas issue, whilst herself meekly voting on party lines. Now we have that Owdham Tinker, Phil Woolas, Minister of State for borders and immigration, describing the campaign to give Gurkhas the right of residence as 'Political Populism'. This is nothing more than a disgraceful and distasteful insult to all right thinking people. It belittles the Gurkhas, it belittles the people of Britain and it belittles the man himself. If this is the best he can do as the Minister of State responsible for this sorry affair, then it's time he went.

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