Thursday, 7 May 2009

Come out, come out, wherever you are

The Gurkha saga rumbles on. This afternoon, it was reported on Radio Scotland that Phil Woolas was refusing to come out of the Westminster TV studio because Joanna Lumley was waiting to speak to him on the other side of the door after the Home Office had sent letters out to five Gurkhas rejecting their applications for residence. The unedifying prospect of a Minister of State reportedly too frightened to face the delectable - and hardly wicked witch of the west - Ms Lumley shows just how untenable the Government's position has become. Eventually, we were all able to witness Mr Woolas stating that the letters of rejection didn't mean rejection, followed by Ms Lumley apparently dictating what the Government's new policy will be, whilst Mr Woolas, like a tame lapdog, stood to one side, nodding like Churchill (the dog, that is). Oh, Yes!
At the same time, We in The Highland Council were unanimously voting to write to the Prime Minister to urge that the London Government give Gurkha soldiers and their families the same rights as those from the Commonwealth - and to state that Gurkhas will be made most welcome should they choose to settle in the Highlands. Let's hope Gordon Brown isn't too frightened to open the letter!

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