Thursday, 25 February 2010

Honesty in Politics

For me, Nicola Sturgeon's frank, open and genuine reflection on her actions in supporting a constituent convicted of fraud, and apology for the mistakes she made is part and parcel of what it is that sets the SNP Government apart from the rest. It is an ability to answer questions - Alec Salmond, First Minister, has been known on more than one occasion to answer a simple question with a simple 'Yes', or 'No', rather than a menage of prevarication. Nicola has time and again demonstrated this remarkable openness with the electorate, and this time has once again clearly shown why she will make a magnificent successor to the Mighty Eck, and with luck, and a following wind, Scotland's first Prime Minister. Everybody makes mistakes, as the Dalek said, climbing off the dustbin, and the concept that we expect our politicians never ever to do so is plainly ridiculous. Yet who else, other than the SNP, have the courage to hold their hands up and say 'yup, got that one wrong, sorry'?

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