Thursday, 3 December 2009

Parcel O' Rogues

Today, it has become clear that Westminster Labour are looking to introduce legislation to guarantee a referendum in 2011 if they are re-elected. It is refreshing, and re-assuring, is it not, that London Labour have finally seen the sense of the argument that a referendum in 2011 is needed to give people a chance to have their say on a fundamental issue and have abandoned the line of argument that says the country doesn't need to waste money on referenda in a time of economic stringency.
So, at last, we can look forward to London Labour instructing their Scottish bretheren to withdraw their opposition to the Scottish Government's proposals to let the people of Scotland have their say - right? Er, well, no. Actually, this new commitment is for a referendum on first past the post voting for Westminster. There isn't the slightest intention to change the laborious Labour view on a referendum in Scotland. Yet again, Brown proves to be the leader of the Parcel O' Rogues in his own Nation, with this, the most flagrant of double standards.

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